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Rebecca recognizes homeowners are increasingly attracted to a lifestyle that incorporates environmental sustainability. Many however, are finding it a challenge to get started amongst the abundance of green trends and opportunities available.

By offering her clients customized advice, paired with effective and affordable options, Rebecca will create a practical plan tailored to each individual buyer and seller. Rebecca emphasizes that environmental preservation as it relates to the housing industry is not simply defined by purchasing energy efficient products for your home. Factors such as choosing a dwelling close to work to allow for biking or walking, embracing an older well loved home and planning for environmentally friendly renovations over time, or selecting higher density housing such as an apartment/condo to reduce your footprint are all important considerations in reaching sustainability.

Rebecca’s clients will benefit from her previous experience as a hazardous materials specialist, particularly with her understanding of residential concerns such as asbestos, insulation, drainage, mould and radon.  She is also very familiar with local development laws and permit requirements from years working in Water Services for the Region of Waterloo.

Rebecca is excited to share her passion and knowledge. She encourages anyone interested in learning more about the future of green real estate to contact her. Whether you are considering buying, selling or just discussing this expanding concept, she is happy to hear from you.

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